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Participation and engagement are key to my practice. Working together on projects with Schools, youth groups, Arts organisations, adult communities in marginalised areas as a facilitator and artist that uses photography as a tool for social change. Working with groups such as Hull City of culture, Young Carers, The NHS, The Photographers gallery, Wenselydale school and The Royal Academy of the Arts.

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Hull City of Culture 2015 - 2017

Working as a lead artist with a selected group of young people 16 - 25 years old. The project was made up of four artists working together with young people to plan sessions, a poet, a visual artist, a illustrator and puppeteer. We worked on a project for over two years as part of the City of culture, made a city wide projection, zines, and photographic stories. Exploring issues around what it is like to be a young person in Hull in challenging times.

The Art Celebrating Equality festival has enabled me to open more doors … I am thinking of going into photography fully…something I can do and earn money from. I have found something I didn’t realise I had. Before I would just take photos on my phone using a camera … working with Joanne has made me realise they are really good. A lot of discussions took place in the group taking the photography course on the pilot festival. We would talk about anything that came into our heads.” Young person & Participant, Hull, 2017

Link to video about the project by Fly Girl Films

“I have been involved with this project right from the start I have helped choose and interview the artists conducting the interview process with other young women. It has been a lot of fun a unique and different experience because although this project is for everyone; it has been led by young women. What interested me in the festival …is the Freedom of it …you don’t normally get to talk about gender equality in every day life. My technical skills have increased in both photography and IT I know how to edit photos and change the contrast and learnt how to add artist effects to black and white photographs. I understanding how different things can change the way we see things by changing the meaning of photo.” Young person & Participant, Hull, 2017

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Engagement Artist

Creative Scene 2019 | Delivering Creative Story telling and image collage on the North Kirklees area

Skimstone Arts 2019 | Working with groups across the North East

Remote Control | Hinterland creative | 2019

The Forestry Commission | 2018 | Live events and participatory story telling. Geo caching and images workshop

IOU | Halifax | 2017 | Delivering creative Storytelling exploring myths in the North.

York Saint John University | York | Creative story telling and image making workshops | 2017

Orkney | Greenvoe | Archive workshops with older communities in Kirkwall | 2016

The Photographers Gallery | London | 2014 - 2015

The Royal Academy of the Arts | London | 2013


The warren 2016 - ongoing

Working as a lead artist with selected groups such as Young womens groups, carers, and disabilities groups on key issues surrounding family, health, self care, mental health, and identity. Looking at photography as a way of exploring complex social issues.

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