#WeCareToo working with Sail Creative, Newcastle carers and the NHS.

How do we reach young adult carers, in Newcastle that are under the radar? That are caring for a friend, partner or family member in isolation, without support? Working with Newcastle Carers and the young adult carer team aged 18-24 to tackle this problem. Often carers see caring as an obligation, over a role. We wanted to change that. We needed to send a message so that these young people identified with being a carer, and felt less isolated.

Sail Creative went with design skills to create a campaign, and I had the experience of working as a photographwe but we didn’t have the experience of being a carer. Our goal was to get know the young adult carers and understand their different roles, and what they go through every day. This included working with them to identify how their lives were before the support of Newcastle Carers, and how their life has been positively impacted since reaching out for this support. #WeCareToo, is a campaign that brings the young people’s identity to the forefront. Working with actors and models in different locations that the young adult team felt aligned too, and ensured the messaging was crafted to reach their target audience, using a conversational approach in a simple way.

Newcastle Carers were presented with a city wide campaign, supported by the NHS, Newcastle City Council and many businesses. This included 2 billboards, and 24 adshells. The impact has been immense, with coverage from local news and national, raising national awareness of a topic that affects many lives in the UK, and bringing it to a social forefront.